not the wikipedia weekly

Good lord - our very own website!

Big thanks to Dan Tobias for providing this server space - and you'll find below the audio streams for all of the 'Not The Wikipedia Weekly' podcasts ever! As of May 2008, the combined recordings should get you through any long haul flight you're planning... This site may grow, and may feature things like descriptions and comments (like the clever people at wikipedia weekly!) - or maybe it'll just sit here with the audio files and that's it!

If you've got time, energy, expertise, and interest in helping out this little wiki project - or perhaps have just stumbled across this page, and want to know what the heck it's all about... at this point the best thing to do is to drop a note on the Wikipedia 'talk' page - you'll find that here (just click on 'new section' at the top of that screen). Thanks for popping by!


ps. if you've got any suggestions for the episode titles, or descriptions - drop them in at the wiki page here and I'll do what I can.....

episode 31 |

the conversation with Newyorkbrad - download link

episode 28 |

the conversation which was a bit informal, and which covered a good range of issues! - download link

episode 23 |

the conversation with Ting Chen, recently elected to the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundaiton.... - download link

episodes 21, 22 |

the conversations I missed, and haven't got the files for - coming soon

episode 20 |

the conversation shoemaker hosted - with some technical audio hassles - coming soon

episode 19 |

the conversation about wiki stress, arbcom stuff, and some thoughts for the children.... - download link

episode 18 |

the conversation with over half of the candidates for election to the board of trustees of the wikimedia foundation - a 'wiki only' episode

episode 17 |

the conversation clearing the topic backlog.. and the mystery of the missing audio file

episode 16 |

the conversation featuring a big chat with Moulton, and about banned users and processes - download link

episode 15 |

the conversation about australia, and all things admins related.... - download link

episode 14 |

the conversation which exists, is pretty silly, and isn't online yet!

episode 13 |

the conversation number thirteen.... - download link

episode 12 |

the conversation number twelve.... - download link

episode 11 |

the conversation with Brian Bergstein.... - download link

episode 10 |

the conversation with Seth Finklestein, Matt Sanchez, and other wiki folks.... - download link

episode 9 |

the conversation which started very early in the morning, a roundtale.... - download link

episode 8 |

the conversation where we hit 2,000 featured articles, and chatted about arbcom - download link

episode 7 |

the conversation after the conversation with banned users about biographies and stuff - download link

episode 6 |

the conversation with banned users, and wiki critics from wikipedia review - download link

episode 5 |

the conversation with Jay Walsh from the wikimedia foundation - download link

episode 4 |

the conversation when the foundation came into some money - download link

episode 3 |

the conversation with Sue Gardner - the exec. director of the wikimedia foundation - download link

episode 2 |

the conversation with Danny Wool - accused of losing his gruntle! - download link

episode 1 |

the first ever conversation - chats about FAs and stuff..... - download link